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Article Marketing, as much as you may have been lead to believe, is the perfect LEAD CREATION tool before it’s the perfect SALES CREATION tool.

If article marketing was a “SALES TOOL” as the primary ROI purpose from your investments in this type of strategy, we would have millions of authors listed and not 8,000+.

Truth of the matter is that article marketing is a qualified lead generation system, a targeted web traffic creator, it’s a public relations tool to help you build credibility in the marketplace and an SEO tool to help you build credibilty and trust with the major search engines.

Those who screw this up, pitch and sell themselves hard in the title, body and then they bore us to tears with huge resource boxes filled with every sales pitch they can think of, will find themselves banging their heads on the wall wondering why it’s not producing the results that are possible if they would shift their thinking to “lead generate” instead of “sales pitch.”


Edward Weiss writes:

I’ll never forget the first time I read Guerilla Marketing Attack by Jay Conrad Levinson.

Even though I’m an online marketer, some of the smartest things (and most practical) I’ve ever read came from this book. In the book, Levinson talks about character traits that make a marketer successful, number one of these being patience.

In article marketing, patience pays off.

It takes time for prospects to notice and trust our products and or services. By supplying my target market with helpful information and a tagline where they can get even more help and benefits, it sends the message that I can be trusted and that my credibility is solid.

No matter how badly I want the immediate sale, I must learn that prospects buy on their timetable, not mine. And that my patience is actually an investment in the future.

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John writes:

Guerilla Marketing Attack = excellent book

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