Content Source: Old Books

Are you an author of an old book that you own the copyright to, and the sales have stopped or the book is no longer in print?

Old Books Make Great Article Content - Unlock The Treasure In Your Existing Old Books

Guess what: You just found another great source for hundreds, if not thousands of 400-750 word articles that you can use to help build your business, grow your sales, or further enhance your credibility if you’ve written a follow-on book.

Still need more content source idea’s for new articles you can write? Old Forum posts you did, blog posts that can be re-purposed, old ezine articles that you wrote years ago that could be put into syndication to help you grow your current subscriptions or enhance your backlinks and traffic.

Got Articles? Send ’em in!

Most Active Geo-Writers

We just released a new stat you can watch that allows you to see which countries or regions are producing the most articles in the project: Experts Listed By Location

[For now, this stat will be located in the right navigation of the blog under the “ Site Stats” section]

Lance Armstrong – 7x Champ Expert Jim Meisenheimer wrote an excellent tribute to Lance Armstrong:

—>Lance Has What It Takes

…and when you get a chance, check out Jim’s *creative* author photo. :-)

Some additional tributes to Lance’s recent 7th victory from Greg Ryan:

—>Lance Armstrong’s Training Tactics – The Tortoise or the Hare?
—>Lance Armstrong and Exercise – From Denial to Desire!
—>Lance Armstrong, Exercise, and Will Power- Characteristics that Make a Champion!

And last, here’s one from Lance Winslow on: What is the Tour de France?

50K and 9K

Thanks to the efforts of over 9000+ unique authors, we crossed the 50k article level this week.

Next stop, 100k!

Site Search Engine Change

Did you notice that we put our site search engine at the top of every page within the directory today? (previously, the G SE was up there)

Our programming team spent a week coming up with a way to introduce a new feature that I think our end users are really going to love. For now, you’ll have to wait in giddy anticipation as to what this new feature is, but you’ll be the first to know about it when we release it.

Hint: We’re finding a way to add value to the tens of thousands of searches that are done every month on our site.

Thanks in advance to our friend Tim Carter of for the inspiration. :-)

Authors By Country Revealed

Back in March of 2005 I began dreaming about how we could display all of the authors by country.

That dream just became reality:

Updated Note: Of the 224 locations of Earth listed in the above link, we have authors in 104 of them. …Only 120 to go. :-)

Sorry the page takes a bit to load the first time as we put all of the tiny flags from each country, province or island.

Questions for our blog friends:

1) Did we miss any country that should be on this list?
2) Are there any on this list that should be removed?
3) Any general suggestions for us on this new tool?

Approval Rate Up

Of the 9,600 articles submitted this month to date, we approved 92.3% of them.

This means we rejected 7.7% of new submissions this month. Our lifetime to date normal stats are 10.5% are rejected.

I was kind of surprised by this considering the influx of what I thought was a higher volume of article vomit that needed to be weeded out like the thistles they are.

We won’t be hitting the 10k goal this month, but we will be hitting a new milestone of first time hitting 50k total articles in the directory.

10 Article Push Ups

Did you ever notice that most weight lifting plans are based on sets?

Example: Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

What do you think would happen if you did only 1 or 2 reps and then left the gym?

This is exactly what 70% of EzineArticles authors do: 1 or 2 reps and then they leave the gym.

Arggh! :) You can do better than that.

Drop down and give me 10 article push ups right now.

Your Article Writing Coach

Original Content

Best way to avoid credibility troubles as an article author is to write your own works. Period.

If you belong to one of those vomit article recycle clubs, you are welcome to keep your content. We don’t want it.

Many times these “article/info content vomit article spit swapping initiatives” will create a rule that allows their content to be used on the members website, but the license can’t be used by non members. You can imagine the hot water you’d be in if you sent in some of that limited reprint rights article spit to our site as we require that you allow anyone to reprint your content as long as they give you and us a link back in exchange, amoung other reprint right requirements in our TOS.

We just had to flush an author and all of his articles today after having this very thing happen. Not fun and a waste of time for us, this author, and the lawyer that represented the owner of the content.

Bottom line: Write your own content or be legal certain that you have an exclusive copyright license to the content you’re submitting to us.

Odd Trend: Authors Numbering Articles

So this is an odd trend that bugs me enough to mention it so that newbie authors who might read this can correct it:

Let’s say you’re sending in 7 articles today.

Whatever you do, do not put the article number in the title of the article.

BAD Example: Dog Grooming Tips – Article #3
GOOD Example: Dog Grooming Tips

Why? No one cares that this is your 3rd article. It’s meaningless garbage or title bloat. Make sense? :]

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