Whitelisting Us

You’d think this goes without saying, but some authors send us articles using an email address for their membership account that has a challenge/response system (like spamarrest, sitesell’s c/r or other) added to it.

We don’t mind the SpamArrest challenge/response system, but the SiteSell C/R system needs some work as Ken has not made it easy for real humans to become whitelisted with his system yet. He starts out with an error message rather than a nice ‘go here to become whitelisted’ front door message. I’m sure with enough complaints he’ll improve that system but if you are a sitesell user… find a way to whitelist us please.

Here is an example of the error message that sending to a sitesell author’s account creates:

(reason: 554 Sorry, your email was refused. You may have sent it to an address that does NOT exist. OR perhap…nce they never read messages like this, but it allows REAL people like you to pass through. (#5.7.1))

—– Transcript of session follows —–
… while talking to webmail1.sitebuildit.com.:
>>> DATA

If you find your account is suspended, this is the only way we’ve been able to communicate with authors who have email addresses that bounce. Just fill out the Contact Us form and give us an email address for your account that works. :-) Thanks!

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