Secrets, give or keep?

As an author, should you give or keep your best secrets when writing your articles?

Some authors worry that if they give away all of their very best secrets via articles that no one would buy their ebook or physical book.

The thinking goes, “Why should they buy my book because they can get the secrets for free via my articles?”

They are flat out wrong. Here’s why:

First, you’re not giving all of your secrets away in each article. Let’s compare your secret to a recipe. A recipe might have 5-10 ingredients and then 2-5 tips about how to combine those ingredients.

This allows you to create 5-10 articles at least about each of the ingredients and 2-5 tips at least about how to combine the ingredients… but the theme here is that your articles are VERY NARROWLY defined about a single ingredient or a single tip that you expand on.

People will always want to buy “the complete package” …the “whole solution” and articles almost never deliver the complete package.

How can a 500-1000 word article possibly compare to your 70-300 page book? Ohhh that’s right, IT CAN’T! :-)

Bottom line: Don’t worry about giving away your secret recipe because it’s actually NOT possible to do so with a 400-750 word article.

Make sense?

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Susan Trivers writes:

Articles that include two or three excellent clear and crisp points will encourage the reader to want to learn more. If you promise to answer questions then give no answers, you’ve wasted the readers time.

I have found that an article that includes a few key points on the topic of one of my books has led readers to want more, and they’ve bought the book.

Comment provided June 22, 2005 at 3:45 PM


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