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Does it surprise you that any articles we get about Oprah almost immediately get a flood of traffic? This one by Cathy Stucker (The Idea Lady) has over 10,000 page views alone: Oprah! How to Appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Nestor Torre wrote an article (not from or on our site) called, “Why Oprah is ‘queen’“… I thought you might like this excerpt:

We trust that the lessons taught by Oprah’s success story are eminently clear:

One, think of other people rather than just yourself, and you won’t go wrong. Even better, the universe will reward you for your selflessness.

Two, act on your best instincts, and don’t get sidetracked by doubts and fears.

Third, do what you do best, and do it to the utmost of your abilities.

Fourth, make yourself an instrument for good.

Fifth, don’t do what everybody else is doing. Even better, don’t get sucked down to other people’s levels.

Sixth, know your audience and market, and what it really wants. In Oprah’s case, she knew that the viewers perceived as lazy and stupid couch potatoes really wanted to become better people-and she dared to show them how!

Let’s relate this to Article Marketing:

One, focus on your reader’s needs and not your need to write. Write for their reasons and not yours.

Two, fear and doubt have no place in your writing arsenal. Just write it, do it, submit it, and keep moving.

Three, write articles about what you love most or are the most passionate about… and then do it better than anyone else.

Four, don’t be evil or write articles that may harm others.

Five, just because other people only write 1 or 2 articles and then quit…don’t be like everyone else. Press on until there are hundreds and then thousands of articles under your empire.

Six, Research your target audience… get to know their desires, needs, likes and dislikes. The more you know about them, the better your article can serve them.

I used to watch Oprah often, but her show doesn’t appeal to my demographic any more… but you shouldn’t avoid studying people like Oprah as a case study for what works. :-)

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