Jason Katzenback

I just listened to a quick MP3 interview with one of our expert authors (Jason Katzenback).

Jason Potash interviewed Jason Katzenback in a short clip on proving that Article Marketing Works.

Of course we knew that already, but it’s good to see the message spreading. Way to go Jason and Jason! I love it when any of our 7,000+ registered authors gets more free publicity, especially from trusted sources!

That reminds me: Psssst…reserve next Thursday night at 8pm EST for a insider teleseminar interview where I drill Jason Potash for 90 minutes about the power of Article Marketing! Will have the sign up page shortly.

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Kristin writes:

Article marketing has worked so well for Christmas Cookies are For Giving, my book, thanks to all the Christmas themed articles in the database. Also, I’ve had two people e-mail me about Higglytown Heroes toys, where to get them (there aren’t any! Why? The HH characters are so cute and not as cloying as some of the other toys out there.) Way to go Jason! Both Jasons.

Comment provided June 21, 2005 at 5:33 PM


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