Dave Lavinsky

As I was doing quality control this morning (reviewing a few hundred articles that our Associate Editors had approved in the last few hours), Dave’s newest article caught my attention.

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Actually, I like the majority of his articles and they clearly stand out as articles written from real-life expertise rather than some of the overly SEO-optimized articles that I’ve reviewed this morning.

I’ve never met Dave before but I keep noticing him or his business throughout the years (even before he was submitting articles to us). Perhaps it’s because some day I’d like to graduate from CEO-entrepreneur to VC-entrepreneur… :-)

A guy can dream.

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Dina Giolitto writes:

I really appreciate this advice. I have a standard NDA but it’s something I’d like to revisit very soon. Great, quality info here. Will bookmark Dave Lavinsky for future ref!

Also: the recent blog post showcasing Carolyn Wright’s legal tips on photo copyrights is also a valuable nugget (I recommended her to a client a few months ago).

Comment provided June 22, 2005 at 6:20 PM


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