Corey Nicholas Rudl

You may have heard by now that Corey Nicholas Rudl (age 34) died in a tragic racing accident last Thursday morning. His Internet Marketing legacy lives on as I saw his name as the referer of yet another new registered EzineArticles author today.

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An Entrepreneur and a Life To Be Remembered
and this entry by Steve Dimeck: Tribute to Corey Rudl

I met Corey for the first time in January of 2000 at a Jay Abraham event in LA. My condolences to his family, friends, affiliates, and employees.

See picture of car crash: NBC4

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Coroner case #05-4000EM and 05-4001LM—On 6-2-05 at 10:40 AM, Benjamin Miles Keaton, age: 39, from La Jolla, was driving a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT on the inside track at the Fontana Motor Speedway in Fontana with Corey Nicholas Rudl, age: 34, from La Jolla, as a passenger. While traveling westbound on an inside track, the driver apparently lost control, left the north side, careened onto a grass area, collided into a K-rail barrier and caught fire. Emergency personnel immediately responded and quickly extinguished the fire. Mercy Air responded and airlifted Benjamin to Loma Linda University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 11:31 AM. Corey was pronounced dead at the scene. Note: Neither victims sustained burn injuries. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department M.A.I.T. is investigating the incident. [060205 1640 EM]

Read a memorial site by Ken Calhoun on Corey.

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HI! I’m Achille an ivorian young people
. I heard about Mr. COREY RUDL over the web, when i was searched website can make me earn much money and have graet experience in the internet revolution. I read always the newsletters from MARKETINGTIP.COM.Ijust heard the death of our best friend COREY.I think in myself that is very bad thing that the such man let us early.
iWOULD LIKE NOW all of us ,all of his friends connected have a pray for him.AT the mosque, at the church, at the temple we all just pray for his soul because this man ; isay COREY was not only good man and friendly teacher, he was a very great angel thah god give us. Please ,never don’t forget what COERY make for all of us. keep in our mind and future relation that we have now responsable to succeed in our business in order to make IMC kown in the world for all year coming. Ihave good though for his mines and tell his family that we and like me ;i’ll never forget COREY. THANK§ achille:

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