50% Success

About 50% of our 7000+ authors have only submitted 1 or 2 articles.

How can they expect to achieve success with only 1 or 2 articles?

You wouldn’t go into the gym and work out twice a year, right?

(Read the original & excellent Petra Rankin’s blog post where I got the inspiration for this blog post.)

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Imagine if we didn’t add the 270-400 articles a day that are being sent in right now, and only added 1-2 a day. Where do you think our site would go in terms of future usefullness, popularity, traffic, etc? Imagine if Google only index 4 billion pages instead of the 8+ billion they are now. If you’re the 3rd or 4th kid in your family, imagine if Mom & Dad stopped after 1 or 2 kids (ok, this one is reaching… ;-).

Same goes for the authors that only sent in 1-2 articles and then called it a day. … This is your wake up call. Article Coach Knight here to tell you to get out of bed early on Thursday or stay up later tonight and put another 2 articles into distribution before Friday.

I’ll do an ab crunchy for every article submitted for the next month. You send in 1-2 more articles and I’ll have ripped abs in 30 days! Sweeet!

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