2 New Innovations

Check out two new innovations we introduced this week:

1) Extended author bio now has a link to each author’s articles listed only by category. Example: Glenn Murray

2) Expert author view can now be sorted by Title, Date (newest vs. oldest). Example: Glenn Murray

I thought Glenn did a really nice job of providing an extended author bio. :-) If you have not created your extended author bio, please click on MEMBERS PROFILE once logged in and add it.

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Dina Giolitto writes:

Hi Chris,

I want to say thanks for categorizing the articles this way. As a ghostwriter, I find this added feature to be a huge perk. Let me tell you why.

Suppose someone is surfing along on this website and comes across my article. Idle curiousity leads them to my author page. Now they’re reading the articles.

Prior to your ordering the articles, what would have happened is they’d maybe read the first few and then get distracted. So, all my articles that started with the letter A or a number automatically get more exposure than the rest.

With this new system, you have clearly painted me as an author in several very different categories, which as a ghostwriter, is precisely the thing I’d like to advertise on my author page.

Then you make it so simple for anyone with a particular interest in ONE category to read articles in that area. And maybe there they read the articles that apply to their own business interests, and… hopefully get excited and want to hire me to help them write MORE articles!

Has anyone else realized how the reordering of this page can dramatically impact the impression readers have of them?

Dina Giolitto

Comment provided June 29, 2005 at 6:51 AM


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