Common ArticleAnnouncer Questions

If you were on the Jason Potash Article Marketing TeleClinic call with us tonight, Jason had answered some of the most commonly questions asked about his new ArticleAnnouncer product.

Here are my notes from the answers Jason gave:
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Blog Future

The EzineArticles business-blog is about 10 months old now, and I thought I’d reflect on the business-blogging journey that has created 268 blog posts and 442 comments (of which I am very grateful for).

My goals have not changed much since the first blog post on September 8th of 2004.

If there is anything I’m going to change, it’s this: I’ve used this blog as a relief-valve whenever steam built up about things that irritated me or us when it comes to the day-to-day life of building an Article Marketing community… but what I really want to do now is turn some of that less-than-positive-energy around to focus on making this blog a positive training ground to help article authors and ezine publishers figure out the best practices when it comes to using articles to market their businesses.

The more educated the marketplace is about article writing & marketing, the higher return each author can expect — thus our self-interests are aligned with the self-interests of the majority of our registered authors.

Are there any topics that you’d like to see me or the team at EzineArticles address on a monthly basis with this blog?

Article Integrity

A very odd and transparent trend I’ve seen this past week:

An author will say that they have seen or found this really cool resource related to their article topic and that you should check it out. Usually these links are in the bottom of the article body, but not in the resource box.

What is phony about this ploy is that the resource they just supposedly “found” is actually on THEIR own website!
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ArticleAnnouncer 3 Bonus Incentives

[UPDATED: Note, Bonuses End Thursday, July 14th at midnight CST]

Today is launch day for Jason as he releases his ArticleAnnouncer software & ArticleBlueprint training manual. I’ve been testing his product for the past 6 weeks, have read his ArticleBlueprint training manuals and even watched some of his video’s…and I was blown away!

If you’ve been considering getting Jason’s new ArticleAnnouncer product, here’s a bonus from me to you just for being an EzineArticles Blog Reader:

As with any cool new product, the return on investment comes from putting it into action. Because I succeed when you succeed in Article Marketing, I figured the best incentive I could give you to invest in Jason’s new ArticleAnnouncer product would be to help you in the month of July to put it to good use.

The ArticleAnnouncer Bonus Offer:

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Oprah Articles

Does it surprise you that any articles we get about Oprah almost immediately get a flood of traffic? This one by Cathy Stucker (The Idea Lady) has over 10,000 page views alone: Oprah! How to Appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Nestor Torre wrote an article (not from or on our site) called, “Why Oprah is ‘queen’“… I thought you might like this excerpt:

We trust that the lessons taught by Oprah’s success story are eminently clear:

One, think of other people rather than just yourself, and you won’t go wrong. Even better, the universe will reward you for your selflessness.

Two, act on your best instincts, and don’t get sidetracked by doubts and fears.

Third, do what you do best, and do it to the utmost of your abilities.

Fourth, make yourself an instrument for good.

Fifth, don’t do what everybody else is doing. Even better, don’t get sucked down to other people’s levels.

Sixth, know your audience and market, and what it really wants. In Oprah’s case, she knew that the viewers perceived as lazy and stupid couch potatoes really wanted to become better people-and she dared to show them how!

Let’s relate this to Article Marketing:
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Whitelisting Us

You’d think this goes without saying, but some authors send us articles using an email address for their membership account that has a challenge/response system (like spamarrest, sitesell’s c/r or other) added to it.

We don’t mind the SpamArrest challenge/response system, but the SiteSell C/R system needs some work as Ken has not made it easy for real humans to become whitelisted with his system yet. He starts out with an error message rather than a nice ‘go here to become whitelisted’ front door message. I’m sure with enough complaints he’ll improve that system but if you are a sitesell user… find a way to whitelist us please.
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2 New Innovations

Check out two new innovations we introduced this week:

1) Extended author bio now has a link to each author’s articles listed only by category. Example: Glenn Murray

2) Expert author view can now be sorted by Title, Date (newest vs. oldest). Example: Glenn Murray

I thought Glenn did a really nice job of providing an extended author bio. :-) If you have not created your extended author bio, please click on MEMBERS PROFILE once logged in and add it.

Problem Status Articles

Today’s monster project that our team has on deck: There are 743 articles that we did not reject and they are in our problem status queue because we believe these could be saved.

Most of these articles just ignored or didn’t meet one of our editorial guidelines.

Our Associate Editors will be contacting these authors via email and we may even do a custom mailing because of the volume of authors that have problem status articles not live yet.

If you submitted an article and it didn’t get posted within a week to 10 days, please re-log into your account to find out why. If you can’t figure out why, CONTACT US before we contact you and help us to help you to get your article posted faster. :-)

This is phase I in a two part new system we will be rolling out to not allow articles to stay in a problem status queue for longer than 60 days.

50% Success

About 50% of our 7000+ authors have only submitted 1 or 2 articles.

How can they expect to achieve success with only 1 or 2 articles?

You wouldn’t go into the gym and work out twice a year, right?

(Read the original & excellent Petra Rankin’s blog post where I got the inspiration for this blog post.)

Read More About Petra Rankin's Articles

Imagine if we didn’t add the 270-400 articles a day that are being sent in right now, and only added 1-2 a day. Where do you think our site would go in terms of future usefullness, popularity, traffic, etc? Imagine if Google only index 4 billion pages instead of the 8+ billion they are now. If you’re the 3rd or 4th kid in your family, imagine if Mom & Dad stopped after 1 or 2 kids (ok, this one is reaching… ;-).

Same goes for the authors that only sent in 1-2 articles and then called it a day. … This is your wake up call. Article Coach Knight here to tell you to get out of bed early on Thursday or stay up later tonight and put another 2 articles into distribution before Friday.

I’ll do an ab crunchy for every article submitted for the next month. You send in 1-2 more articles and I’ll have ripped abs in 30 days! Sweeet!

Dave Lavinsky

As I was doing quality control this morning (reviewing a few hundred articles that our Associate Editors had approved in the last few hours), Dave’s newest article caught my attention.

Read More About Dave Lavinsky

Actually, I like the majority of his articles and they clearly stand out as articles written from real-life expertise rather than some of the overly SEO-optimized articles that I’ve reviewed this morning.

I’ve never met Dave before but I keep noticing him or his business throughout the years (even before he was submitting articles to us). Perhaps it’s because some day I’d like to graduate from CEO-entrepreneur to VC-entrepreneur… :-)

A guy can dream.

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