Uploading Your Photo

Want to see some author’s who did a really nice job of updating their member profile with a photo and extended author bio?
Denise O’Berry | Steve Lowell | Bob Power | Graham Jones | Bonnie Lowe | James Burchill | Ina Bliss | Mark Stout, MD | Jennifer McCay | Christopher Stewart | Ken Davis | Maureen Killoran | Torey Farnsworth | Craig LePage

If you’re a registered author with us, you’re welcome to upload your photo, extended bio, and additional URL’s in your public members profile.

Here’s how to update your public members profile:

Step 1: Log in to your members only area.

Step 2: Click on MEMBERS PROFILE.


Step 4: Click on BROWSE to surf your hard drive and find the picture or image you’d like to upload.

Step 5: Click on UPLOAD IMAGE.

Step 6: Update your author bio. This is different than your RESOURCE BOX bio, but rather this is the bio that is listed on your expert author view of all articles.

Notes: Image must be a .jpg or .jpeg file, Less than 100k in size, and approximatly 160×200 in size (it will auto resize for you, but the closer you get to that size, the better it will be). System is designed to preserve aspect ratio upon resizing.

Inside Secret: You must have a short author bio updated in your MEMBERS PROFILE in order for your author picture or additional URL’s to show up on our site. Please take a moment to update your author bio in the members profile section of your account and don’t put any URL’s in the author BIO as you can now add them separately to your extended author bio

You can now update your public member profile to include 3 BUSINESS URL’s, 1 BLOG URL, and 1 PERSONAL URL! You’ll find these in your MEMBERS PROFILE. Just update them with valid URL’s that begin with http:// and SAVE CHANGES.

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