REMarks embedded in articles

Everyday there is something new…

So an author (who will remane nameless) embedded a 780 word REMark within his article.

For those new to HTML, REM stands for REMark and it’s hidden code that does not execute. It’s kind of a way of leaving comments to yourself or to others that would read your source code of any HTML document.

This author not only left a remark, he left a reprint license, a pitch for his firm, and other items of casual discussion.

While I applaud his creative idea, we’re not going to allow embedded HTML code that is hidden from the public. Either you agree with our posted AUTHOR TOS and our PUBLISHER TOS or not. If you don’t agree with it, then don’t send in your articles please.

Our position is that if you have something to say to the market, say it in your article or resource box for all to see.

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