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What makes a great author bio photo? Mercedes Hayes

I’ve reviewed about 400 new author bio photo’s in the last week and there is a sharp contrast in quality between many of them. Some of the best photo’s were either clearer to see, used all of the available pixel size to display, some did the white knockout around their image which looked excellent…

In Mercedes case, she used a photo that had a log cabin in the background — which is PERFECT considering her articles are about log cabins. It’s a simple and subtle thing that reinforces her brand and what she’s about. I liked it! My marketing/branding brain liked it!

Same goes for Doctor photo’s having a suit or lab coat on, or an athlete in a warmup or game suit, etc. Perhaps the only photo style that might be inappriopriate for our site is if your article topic is about the clothing optional lifestyle ;-).

(If you’re a registered author with us, please log in to your members profile and upload your author photo. Our goal is to see 1,000 of them uploaded by late next week.)

Do you have any author photo tips you’d like to share?

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