Photo Upload Campaign

If you’re a Platinum EzineArticles author, you know that we’re in the start of a massive “Upload Your Author Photo” and “Author Extended Bio” campaign designed to encourage all of our registered authors to update their public profiles with us.

Yesterday, 220 authors uploaded a photo with only 2 failures: They didn’t read the directions and tried to upload a .BMP file whereas we currently only accept JPG files. We also added in new error routines to give better error messages when uploads fail. It’s still rough around the edges and beta yet, but will become more solid in a few months.

The neat thing about the process that we’ve setup (besides the cool auto resizing of the photo on the fly with correct pixel aspect ratio sizing) is that an author must fill out their AUTHOR BIO before their picture will show up in the expert author view. We’re hoping this will encourage authors to spend a few minutes to either copy and paste their current bio into thier MEMBERS PROFILE or write a quite paragraph ditty about their expertise or experience.

In two weeks, we’re hoping to see 1,000 photo’s and extended bio’s uploaded.

NOTE: The extended author BIO has nothing to do with the RESOURCE BOX BIO at the end of each of your articles. The extended author bio is only for the expert author view of your articles.

If you’re one of our authors, I’d be curious to hear your feedback of the photo upload and extended author bio process?

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