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I had written an article a few weeks ago about Article Writing Strategies To Get Into Zen Flow – 7 Tips and included a lot of personal stuff about the environment that I enjoy most when I’m entering flow.

My gut instinct kept reminding me to remove all of that personal information from an article that I have in distribution. Because this blog is not an article available for mass distribution, I thought I’d share the bits that I took out of that article about my personal favorite writing environment.

Here are 7 strategies that can help you achieve the zone of flow when it comes to writing your best works:

1) Intentionally create and control your writing environment.

For me, I enjoy having 350-700 watts of soft yellow lighting, 72-74 degrees F (22-23 degrees C), the dance channel cranked up on commercial-free satellite radio or cable, and shorts & T-shirt when at home or Khaki shorts & polo shirt when at work. Everyone must find their perfect environment.

2) Time Management:

For me, 5-7am, 9-11am, and 8-9pm are my perfect writing windows. During those times when I’m writing, my phone does not exist and email is not turned on.

3) Try writing off hours when you’re beyond tired.

For me, I only do this about twice a month as I find I can usually create my best short articles during the early morning hours. The ‘beyond tired’ writing zone is best for me when writing a book or completing a chapter of a book than simple article writing.

4) Prepare and invest in the best writing tools.

For me, I have a 23″ flatscreen Viewsonic monitor, 3Ghz PC, wireless optical mouse with wheel, broadband Internet and of course, Microsoft Word. In additional, I have a wireless transmitter that can be purchased for a $100 USD that allows me to write anywhere I can take my notebook PC around my home or work.

5) Create an anchor to get yourself in state.

For me, I have a traditional Japanese wooden lamp that I turn on. It was a gift to me from my Mom and I call it my spirit lamp. When it’s on, I immediately go into a state where I recall what it felt like to get in and be in a state of flow.

6) Pre-write your way to success the day before you enter the zone.

For me, I always pre-write my article TITLE’s a day or more ahead of writing the article. Often when I’m in the morning shower, I’ll catch myself thinking about the main points of a particular article I’ll be writing. Usually most of it is created without much of my conscious awareness before I even sit down to write.

7) Remove negative self-talk and mental chatter if you want to enter and stay in the zone.

For me, I’ve conditioned my mind to identify and eliminate negative thoughts. They still occur from time to time, but I usually instantly identify them and redirect my self-talk to encourage myself to move forward with confidence. During the best states of flow when writing, I almost never even hear myself talking to myself because I’m lost in the act of getting the creativity that is pent up in my mind onto the digital bits of my draft document.


David Perdew writes:


I’m particularly interested in #7. We all have our physical stuff that feels cozy for writing. But what specifically have you done to counteract the mental negative stuff?

David Perdew

Comment provided May 15, 2005 at 7:40 PM


Patricia Fason writes:

I find that I have to ‘think on it’ for several days before writing. When I finally sit down to write, the thoughts seem to gel and emerge. I then wait a day and reread and edit as needed. I agree with the phone and email OFF!

Comment provided May 16, 2005 at 1:38 PM


Chris Knight writes:

Hi David,

First, I associate a lot of pain with negative thoughts. Because negative thoughts do not serve me, I am quick to identify them and then redirect my mind to ask better questions.

I suppose I ask myself a lot of pacing & leading questions that guide me to focus on the positive aspects of what needs to be done or could be done.

Ultimately, however when in flow, there is very little mental chatter because I’ve surrendered to the moment.

Perhaps that is the best advice I can give: Surrender yourself and get lost in the moment of massive action that guides you towards your highest goals or purpose. :-)

Find and write about things that make you BUZZ and you’ll be hard pressed to find a negative thought to counteract.

To Your Writing Passion & Success,

Comment provided May 16, 2005 at 3:12 PM


David Perdew writes:


I thought so! We think alike. It’s the surrender to the moment part that I love. It’s a challenge to do that in a bustling world, but life has been so much easier since I began doing that. And the writing is so much better (in my opinion.)


Comment provided May 16, 2005 at 4:39 PM


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