Fractional Jet Ownership

Today I had a family member remind me that what I’m doing in business is not enough to acquire my fractional jet ownership.

Don’t ya just love family?

I’m dreaming of a Gulfstream Private Jet by age 40.



Lance Winslow writes:


No worries really. However you would be surprised just how easy and inexpensive fractional jet ownership can be these days. There are even companies now runing point to point taxi service so to speak using corporate jets. A Gulfstream is quite a large aircraft to own and maintain. You know there are many smaller aircraft that are more affordable and with fractional ownership you can have a piece of several types of jets. You know you have an author on this site, a very good one; Matthew Keegan; who often submits great articles on such interesting and worthy aviation topics, I have read most of them, quite a few really great tips on biz jets and fractional jet ownership. The FARs Federal Air Regulations are set so it is easier to be an owner. You’ll get there, you have 7,000 authors and they are not going anywhere but up. And since you are a category killer on the Net for EzineArticles, the sky is our limit; us authors and you and your team. Here’s to the future of your Private jet Air Travels…

[From Chris: Thanks Lance! Here’s a link for everyone else to Matthews’s articles:]

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I know fractional jet ownership is cheaper than buying a Gulfstream Jet and most likely I’ll walk my way up from a smaller aircraft to larger.

It’s not so much that I want a large aircraft, but one that can go many thousands of miles without stops.

Perhaps in my mid 40s I could learn to be a pilot, but right now, I just dream about the flexibility and freedom that comes with having a private jet. :)

The Gulfstream G550 will do:

Comment provided May 11, 2005 at 11:07 AM


Lance Winslow writes:

Imagine what you could accomplish with a good scheduling team and some public relations with that type of instant transportation. That would certainly fulfill any needs one might have to hyperspace their business endeavors. Or get away for a few days anywhere you please? I believe it might be more fun to just fly it around than be a passenger. I concur the G550 is indeed one hell of an aircraft no doubt about it.

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Zhantell writes:

It sounds like you need someone to help you determine exactly what type and size aircraft you really need. I’ve been using T-Bird Aviation for the last 5 years and I’m very impressed by their commitment in serving their customers. I’ve placed a link for you to their services page.

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