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Yesterday afternoon our tech team finally upgraded this blog software to have better anti-comment spam protection and this morning I woke up to ZERO comment spam. WOW, is this a neat thing!

Just to give you an idea, this blog has (197 blog posts) and 168 comments in it right now. Over 1,800+ comment spams were sent in the last two weeks alone! That’s over 3,000 per month that I had to sift through to make sure the legitimate posts were added to this blog.

What’s “Comment Spam” you ask?

These are comments that are added to a blog or website most likely by an automated bot for the purposes of getting auto-approved (many blogs run auto-approved rather than moderated) to artificially inflate search engine rank and get free traffic.

I rank comment spam in two basic types:

Type 1 Comment Spam: Personalized comments most likely made by a human that give meaningless 1-sentence praise or an attaboy and then ask for a link back. Usually it’s only one link that this type of comment spam is looking for.

Example: I loved your article or comment and agree with you. – John.

Type 2 Comment Spam: Comment Spam Whore level — almost always fully bot automated designed to ask for 20-200 links back if you approve the comment spam. The greater majority of the comment spams were from the Poker, Texas Hold’em, Casino, and Pharmacy trade.

I’m free for the momment of comment spam but I’m sure this too shall evolve and we’ll be fighting some other form of it in the future.


Lance Winslow writes:

I completely disagree, I have been reading articles and commenting. I have had comments deleted, not put up. It takes time to make formulate comments and read articles. And when you waste time of commenters of articles then you offend people. That is not smart and bad policy. In some cases I have had written entire paragraphs, sometimes two and they were not put up. So, We as authors are so happy your job is easier and us commenters are so happy that YOU are happy to delete our comments. It is great that YOU feel better about this. Congratulations on YOUR new “lightened work load.”

It was your idea to allow comments, and of course your perogative to delete them. But you made comment pages to futher your gain in the search engines and you delete comments because you feel they are SPAM. Had you ever thought that your entire site is SPAM, sending massive amounts of articles into the search engines and flooding it to get hits, then redirect those hits for personal gain in your Key Words? I think you should consider this issue both ways before you use some ridiculous tool which deletes comments which are well thought out, take time to make and sincere.

You do not have to post this comment, just think about it. Your reality is getting skewed, you need to get out of the box more.

Comment provided May 12, 2005 at 8:47 PM




We’ve only automated the removal of legitimate comment spam.

There is no way we would allow the 3000 comment spams to be posted to this blog MONTHLY as it would clutter it up and make it completely useless.

This is not about censorship of humans but of censorship of comment spam bots. You would do the same if you saw what was being sent in. If you wouldn’t Lance, then your blog would have 36,000 casino, poker, gambling comments added to it.

Do you see the problem? A comment with 30 links to a gambling site adds NO value to this blog about the topics of article marketing, writing, distribution, etc.

Comment provided May 13, 2005 at 7:10 AM


Lance Winslow writes:

Actually we did do the same thing. I see your point now, not only would we, we did, I cannot stand those SPAM Bots. I thought you were deleting comments to articles in the articles section as SPAM, but I see all my comments are appearing now, you must have been so busy with the increasing number of new articles and growth that you got a little behind.

Here is a thought now, if some of these SPAM Bots are coming in from people who have articles here, since they are selling stuff, then they are basically attacking the system which brings in legitimate leads. Or they could be competition to legitimate writers who are putting up articles of information as a tool of promotion and thus these SPAM Bot operators are ruining it for the good folks. Which means they are trying to ruin a good thing because they cannot compete with this EzineArticle Technique. In a way that is a compliment in that they realize your site is valuable and high rankings to use for such so they use it to cheat.

Wonder why so many folks take do not take the high road. You have 7,000 author team members and growing strong, surely they should see the power of article writing? If they were to do it the right way, I bet they would see the value and benefits.

Comment provided May 13, 2005 at 5:39 PM


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