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A reader of this blog asks:

“Hi Chris~ I have a question about your blog. I’m setting mine up and I love how you have your subscription thing up there saying to get the updates by email and it doesn’t go through a Bloglet account. Will you tell me how you do that? Since I subscribed will I automatically get an email each time you post something new?”

My previous blog email notification process was via the software that runs this blog. It held up right up until I had about 90 members on the list and then it started puking out each time.

Today, we just went live with a new blog email notification system…

It’s essentially the exact same system as before, but now the emails are shuttled off from the blog software to our dedicated email list server.

This gives three huge advantages:

1) My blog notification list members can now unsubscribe with a failsafe link rather than having to come back to the forums and unsub manually.

2) Scalability to hundreds of thousands of list members rather than the hundred that this software started falling apart at.

3) Improved reporting, bounce handling, and all of the good things that come with having your own email list server.

Previously, I only sent blog posts to my email notification list once per day or when I thought the blog post was REALLY REALLY good. I do not send every single post to the email notification list and if you want to be notified every single time a new post is added, then I recommend the RSS feed for this blog.

Any good network sys admin with knowledge of blog software and list servers should be able to pull this off in a couple of hours or about a days work if you want your email template customized.

Any questions?


Ellen writes:

Is there any software out there I can buy that sends email notifications out to lists of people when I update a blog? And that allows people to subscribe or unsubscribe to a variety of content channels? This is for an intranet, so would all be behind a firewall.

Comment provided August 12, 2005 at 12:52 PM


Nate writes:

(In response to Ellen)

Free plugin to allow your readers to be notified of your new blog posts. Works with any blog or other site with an RSS feed:

Comment provided April 13, 2006 at 6:25 PM


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