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If you’ve been following how our system is evolving you may have noticed that we now allow anyone who registers with us as a “registered commentor” can place comments on articles. They are moderated for quality.

This week, we added a new feature to that: Upon the acceptance of your comment, a customized email will be auto generated to alert you, the commentor, that your comment has been accepted and you can go see it live on the article.

It’s been a slow start with less than a few hundred comments since we launched this new comment management sytem, but we’ve been working the bugs out so that it’s more compatible with different browser types.

If you’re an author, don’t worry: We won’t be accepting comments that are highly negative or attack you or anyone. The acid test is this, “will the author be happy if we accept this comment or not” and if so, then we accept them.

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Dina Giolitto writes:

Thanks for the continual improvements and amazing support. Say, has anyone ever thought that an Article Sort Feature on an Author’s Page might be handy? For instance, if I were on another author’s page who had tons of articles. Maybe I’d want to sort them by topic, or by date. Or is a database way too complicated for the internet?

Comment provided May 19, 2005 at 7:33 PM


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