Anchor Links

An author asks: “Can I have something other than my URL in my resource box…like my keywords linked up?”

Answer: Yes, we do allow you to send in anchor text linked up to your URL. We’d ask that you add the target=”_new” to the HREF statement to save us time and that you know HTML code well enough to know how to create anchored text links. If not, read Essential HTML for Authors.

Also, be certain to not format your text link anchors in MS Word as MS Smart Quotes are not valid HTML code.

We limit the number of self-serving links to 3 per article (which is about 1 more than I’d like to see).

Lastly, don’t do all anchored text links because you’d lose out on getting an active link from someone who sends your article to their ezine list. Not everyone who feeds from our site uses our EzinePublisher service to grab the HTML code for the articles. Best to have at least one listed in your resource box as active.

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