39 Articles

The article writing bar has been raised.

If you needed some additional motivation, the new threshold for a higher level of exposure is now 39 articles.

With over 6000 unique authors, our one page listing of all authors was getting too long plus many authors had more than 100 articles listed… so we broke the expert author list down into 100 author chunks and very soon — will be breaking them down by 100 article chunks per author (for those who have 100 or more listed). Check it out

As you may know, search engines that index our site give higher value to links that are one off the home page and the authors with 39 articles or more will enjoy a higher level of visibility than those without it.

As time goes buy, this number will rise because we didn’t pick the number 39, but rather we have 100 authors now that have sent in 39 or more articles. As more authors exceed that, they will push lower quantity authors down.

The traffic rich get richer and the traffic poor have something to shoot for.

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