2 Comment Systems

We have two separate Comment Management Systems:

Article Comments:
You must be a registered commentor to post comments to articles. Every comment is currently moderated. This is a system that we built and has a long ways to go to evolve yet. It’s based on PHP/MySQL.

Blog Comments:
You don’t need to be registered to comment. Every comment is moderated. This is a system builtin to the the blogging software that we use.

Some day in the future it is conceivable that we could create a commentors community of people who commented on articles so that others who liked a commentors comment in an article could go view the history of other comments the same commentor made.

I would like to be able to allow an article commentor to enter in more information if they choose so that a reader could learn more about the commentor. This may take many months to create. :)

If you’ve commented in this blog or in one of the articles listed in this project, thanks! You’re time and comments are appreciated.

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