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What makes a great author bio photo? Mercedes Hayes

I’ve reviewed about 400 new author bio photo’s in the last week and there is a sharp contrast in quality between many of them. Some of the best photo’s were either clearer to see, used all of the available pixel size to display, some did the white knockout around their image which looked excellent…

In Mercedes case, she used a photo that had a log cabin in the background — which is PERFECT considering her articles are about log cabins. It’s a simple and subtle thing that reinforces her brand and what she’s about. I liked it! My marketing/branding brain liked it!

Same goes for Doctor photo’s having a suit or lab coat on, or an athlete in a warmup or game suit, etc. Perhaps the only photo style that might be inappriopriate for our site is if your article topic is about the clothing optional lifestyle ;-).

(If you’re a registered author with us, please log in to your members profile and upload your author photo. Our goal is to see 1,000 of them uploaded by late next week.)

Do you have any author photo tips you’d like to share?

1111 is magic?

Of interest to those who are following Lance’s journey from zero to 1,111 articles in only a couple months, he just posted a new one that I thought you might be interested to read: 1111 What Opportunities Are Waiting For You?

Kevin Bidwell

In my first of many “Article Marketing” interviews, I interviewed EzineArticles expert author, Kevin Bidwell this morning on his 3 goals and 7 strategies for leveraging Article Marketing.

Read The Interview

Let me know your thoughts. Which of Kevin’s tips did you like or not like and why? Which one of his strategies have been a home run for your business?

39 Articles

The article writing bar has been raised.

If you needed some additional motivation, the new threshold for a higher level of exposure is now 39 articles.

With over 6000 unique authors, our one page listing of all authors was getting too long plus many authors had more than 100 articles listed… so we broke the expert author list down into 100 author chunks and very soon — will be breaking them down by 100 article chunks per author (for those who have 100 or more listed). Check it out
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Crazy RSS Thought

Should we offer an RSS feed for every single author?

Net result would be almost 7,000 RSS feeds one for each author. Purpose would be so that you could be notified whenever a new article is posted in real-time by your favorite authors.

Your thoughts?

Al Thomas, Genius Article Marketer

Al Thomas Gets It

Let me tell you about Al Thomas… one of our Platinum expert authors. I didn’t know he was a member of MENSA until after I already determined he was an article marketing genius. Al was in business before I was born, but the fact that he has the insight to recognize the power of article marketing at an older age (and to kick any young whippersnappers butt) is worthy of great respect.

As of this post, he’s in the #2 position with more than 200 quality articles on investing, stock market, wall street and more. Way to go Al!

Knowing Al just a little bit, I know he’s not a computer expert, but he’s proven that you don’t have to be a computer expert to really take advantage of article marketing as a business and traffic builder.

If you do end up on his website, take advantage of his stock newsletter offer. I’m on his stock tips list (called “Over My Shoulder”) and it’s well worth checking out if you’re an investor.

Check out Al’s bio or his expert articles today.

Photo Upload Campaign

If you’re a Platinum EzineArticles author, you know that we’re in the start of a massive “Upload Your Author Photo” and “Author Extended Bio” campaign designed to encourage all of our registered authors to update their public profiles with us.

Yesterday, 220 authors uploaded a photo with only 2 failures: They didn’t read the directions and tried to upload a .BMP file whereas we currently only accept JPG files. We also added in new error routines to give better error messages when uploads fail. It’s still rough around the edges and beta yet, but will become more solid in a few months.
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Uploading Your Photo

Want to see some author’s who did a really nice job of updating their member profile with a photo and extended author bio?
Denise O’Berry | Steve Lowell | Bob Power | Graham Jones | Bonnie Lowe | James Burchill | Ina Bliss | Mark Stout, MD | Jennifer McCay | Christopher Stewart | Ken Davis | Maureen Killoran | Torey Farnsworth | Craig LePage

If you’re a registered author with us, you’re welcome to upload your photo, extended bio, and additional URL’s in your public members profile.
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Rudy Silva

Wanted to take a moment to recognize another outstanding author, Rudy Silva.

What I like about Rudy’s articles: He really gets it… meaning, he has a firm grip on the concept of “article marketing” and it shows in his articles.

Rudy is a Natural Nutritional Consultant. Whether he’s talking about Acne, constipation, cleansing your liver, detox issues, hemorroids, EFA’s, or better nutrition topics — one thing is constant: His articles are clean, short, easy to read, provide immediate benefit to the reader and are tightly focused on the topic he sets out in each article.

Read more of Rudy’s articles:

1,000 Articles

New Milestone: Congratulations are in order to Lance Winslow for being the first author to reach the 1,000 article level. Wow! Way to set the pace Lance!

Check it out for yourself:

Read Lance’s 1,000th article:
1,000 Ways to Improve Your Business

Who will be the next ‘Lance Winslow’ to reach the 1,000 article level?

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