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Our turn-around time this week for article approvals has not been consistent for newbie BASIC-level members.

Platinum members are still experiencing pretty consistent under 24 business hour turn around on all new article submissions and modified articles that needed to be re-reviewed.

On Tuesday we implemented a new system that cranked up our ability to approve new article submissions by 25% with the same quality level as before. Unfortunately, we’re still working on getting the sequencing of the process so that it matches what we did when we approved articles in our old process/system.

In the coming weeks, we’ll work on getting our approval speed to be more consistent for BASIC level members… even though our priority is to give them 2nd best service with our PLATINUM level members being our first priority.

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Lance Winslow writes:

A thought on turn around time. Now first let me say, I am completely impressed with the fabulous turn around time, unbelievable indeed. Kudos X’s 10 for sure on that.

Here is a suggestion or perhaps a worthy idea. If in the media something is happening important? Such as Michael Jackson is getting new hair. Well then someone who wrote and article on “Hair Loss” prevention should take priority. Also an author box could be checked which says you only can check this box once per five articles this moves it up to the top of the list.

An article on North Korea might take precendence the day before six party talks. On Energy the day of a speech by the President. Or Alergy solutions the day of a huge dust storm. You see. Then those articles get first priority. Your site gets more hit, the authors get more exposure, they write more articles and you surpass your 75,000 article goal. Lets make this a team effort, lets kick some butt.

Comment provided April 28, 2005 at 9:29 PM


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