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When a radio tower transmits a signal up into the ionosphere, the majority of the signal is deflected back down to Earth but not all of it. Some of the signals keep on going into outer space.

Just like a radio station manager can not retract a transmission, you should think of Article Marketing as one of those mediums that it becomes increasingly impossible to retract your works once put into general distribution.

We’ve been experimenting with a new system that will allow the distribution of your articles listed with us to other sites that update in real time along with our database. While this does not completely solve the above problem…perhaps there may be a market for us to develop a protocol or platform that allows you, the author, to retain some control to update, remove or update your article at one place and have it updated all over the Internet at the same time.

What do you think? Any value in this thought?


Andrea Goodsaid writes:

Wow, now wouldn’t THAT be cool! To be able to update your resource box alone would be invaluable, eh?!


Comment provided April 30, 2005 at 3:08 PM


Lance Winslow writes:

I would suggest that you might in advance have a set boxes people could check off of types of sites whcih would be picking these up.

Where the author could click for “Yes” leave blank for “no”. For instance:

Science Ezine Paranormal
Science Ezine Education
Science UFO
Science Education

Political Action Committee sites
Environmentalist Sites
Self help Sites

If an author did not want to be put on paranormal because he wants his information more main stream then he would leave that box unclicked.

I recently had one of my articles picked up on a website: . Yet the article was not condeming Republicans at all. The article leaned Libertarian. Yet was used against republicans, which I as business man most often lean in my over all thoughts. Of course no one agrees with all parts of all parties unless they surrender their brains. My point is this. My article was piked up and displayed there, yet I am not against any political party at all, rather understand all points of view and often agree or disagree on various issues. Therefore I would have preferred my article not be used in that way. Although in the end it is only one article. One instance. If these types of things could be prevented then the authors would have the benefits of that. Rather than listing the actual website, a category could be inserted instead since online sites come and go and they also trade partners based on alliances, in a nicer form of Machievellian ladder climbing techniques.

The over all benefits to the authors of having instant updates and instant information, would be like a networked online AP. And since Chris you now have 30,000 plus articles and 500 plus per day and growing, the benefits to those who have live up dates win too. I just hope they pay you part of their Google Ad word or Yahoo ad word trails or payments percentages, because you are adding huge volumes to their sites. They win with content, authors win with better reach, you should win in a denomination of your choice; i.e. US Dollars. If that makes sense.

Of all the sites similar in naure to this one, you are absolutely a category killer, as I have noticed I have something like 50,000 article views alone to my measly 600 articles in less than 30 days? Go figure, I only wish I knew about this sooner. Content is king and you are his Knight.

I am quite excited you are now going to sit down with the other players in the emerging online article content industry at the Round Table. Knights and Kings Unite.

Signed Sir Lance-lot of articles.

Comment provided May 1, 2005 at 1:57 PM


Mekhong Kurt writes:

This is an intriguing thought. Like Lance, I do feel it would be nice if the author retained some measure of control, as your original comment suggests, Chris.

Of course, any of us who put our stuff on the Internet have to realize that in a sense we are putting it into the public domain, copyright notices be damned. (True, the notice does afford some legal remedy, if it’s worth pursuing.)

Even the entertainment industry continues to be stumped in its efforts to control its intellectual property — and if folks with the deep pockets of that industry are hitting a brick wall, there seems to be small hope for us small fish.

Evolving to a different point of view, I personally don’t mind some types of pilfering. For instance, there’s another site here in Bangkok where the web master sometimes lifts entire portions of stuff I’ve written — but the exposure is invaluable, given that his site has a lot more visitors than mine does.

If something I’ve written were ever to turn out to be a goldmine, would I wish I had known sooner so I could have cashed in sooner? — sure! But I sort of look at that situation as a “I-have-to-willing-to-grandfather-earlier-copying” one.

Let me put it in another context. I have chosen to provide links to hundreds and hundreds of sites, including, in some cases, banner links. Were I ever to decide to change my site into a commercial one, I long ago decided any link I already had in place would be grandfathered — as is, where is; were the web master of another site ask me to place the link on another, more prominent page or on multiple pages, or ask for a banner link in place of a text-only link, I would charge then.

It’ll be interesting to see how all this evolves.

Comment provided May 4, 2005 at 12:55 AM


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