Fun Parts Of My Job

Here is a list of the fun parts of my job here as the manager of the EzineArticles Marketing Project:

1) Scrolling through the new member profiles as they create accounts… and putting connections together or learning about new relationships.

2) Making small incremental improvements in the project that instantly impacts everyone.

3) Being pushed more than pulled. Sometimes I reached out to our authors and pulled them and other days I feel like we’re being pushed when we’re buried in more submissions than we have labor scheduled to approve them.

4) Receiving testimonials or private emails from authors who were able to cleary see the economic value that our site brought their business. Just happened again this morning and I was so proud for this author and every author who gets a return from this project.

5) Developing new tools that leverages the existing project. Anything that is innovative or new is fun…especially if it can increase the impact this project has for the benefit of all of the stakeholders.

6) Making new friends who have high volume, high traffic websites that can help promote this project.

7) Analyzing statistics to pull out and synthesize business trends that we should be paying attention to.

8) Teaching others how to do my job so I can graduate each month to more responsibilities and less physical work. I love thinking, planning, strategizing, and working with the team to execute like mad.

9) Investigating new technologies that can be re-arranged to expand the impact of this article marketing project.

10) Finding new ways to automate things that are boring to do. Each day that our team invests in more automation means a higher productivity return for us and a faster turn-around speed for our authors.

11) The satisfaction that comes from knowing our site can help an author get exposure that they could not get easily otherwise without our site.

12) Writing new articles on the topics of article marketing as a science. Anytime I get to write and produce an article or an email newsletter or create an email course or teleseminar, it’s a good time. :-)

Thanks for being part of my fun. Bring your passion to mine by creating a free membership account and sending in your best original articles and we’ll have a good time together.

What part of Article Marketing is the most fun for you?



What’s fun for me is hearing from someone by email who read my article on a website I didn’t even know about.

I love that my ideas spread through the Internet and that I’m helping people I may never meet.

Thanks so much for the wonderful service you provide for us, Chris!!

And keep those great articles coming, I’m learning a lot from you. Even today’s blog about automation and delegation has gotten me inspired to keep up with my project to track what I’m doing (write my own job description, as it were, for each job that I do) so that as soon as I’m able to I can share the tasks with someone else.

So far I’ve counted 17 job titles in my business – no wonder it can get a bit tiring!!

Comment provided April 26, 2005 at 3:39 PM


M. Anthony writes:

I have to agree with Linda. There’s a certain thrill knowing others are reading your articles.
In fact today I got a rather vehement disagreement with one of my articles. I couldn’t be happier!
That meant someone not only read it, but felt it important enough to take time out of their day to respond.
Exposure for the site is a nice side benefit, but I would probably ghostwrite for someone if I didn’t have my own.

Comment provided April 26, 2005 at 11:28 PM



Part of your success must be your joy of your work. is a great way of creating a win-win for authors and your company. Your dedication and energy shows, keep up the great work

Comment provided April 28, 2005 at 9:04 PM


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