Eudora Pro

Eudora Pro is my email client of choice. I’ve been using it since the mid to late 1990s. It’s made by Qualcomm.

The reason it’s so awesome is that it does not treat me like a user that needs to have my experienced ‘set up’ so that I can function like MS Outlook does. In other words, it doesn’t wrap my experience up with a pretty bow but rather presents the incoming emails as they really are.

Another big bonus that Eudora offers me: I can send and receive HTML code via email without my email client trying to interpret and execute the code.

Two areas that Eudora sucks: Doesn’t have easy insertion of my SIG line at the end of my email but before the reply separator (like Outlook does) and the search function is so slow, that I can read a book in the time it takes it to search for anything.

I had thought Stata Lab’s Bloomba product was going to be the first viable Eudora Pro replacement, but they got swallowed up by Yahoo last year.

If Eudora Pro ever figured out how to create a faster search routine, they will have my loyalty for another round. In the meantime, I need to be introduced to a Eudora Pro replacement that can search through my emails faster whenever I want to do a query.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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