Auto Litter Sweeper

Every day, this EzineArticles project reminds me how small of a planet we really live on.

I’m not talking about how authors from dozens of countries submit quality articles or how a site like ours can provide value for hundreds of thousands of folks all over the world each month; but rather:

Thanks to the efficiency of search engines and the egotistical self-searching nature (referring to how most people have search bots deliver to them whenever their name gets mentioned on any site at any time), we are almost immediately notified whenever there is foul play by a particular author.

It seems that within less than a day to 10 days of a new article being posted, whenever an author behaves badly by copying content without permission or sending in content they didn’t have a right to send in, we are notified and are able to take action to help protect the complaintants rights.

We invest a great deal of effort to kick off and ban authors who behave badly and have gotten very efficient at dropping authors who send in undesirable or illegal content.

We’ve also gotten very efficient at identifying content that is like waste water pre-treatment (gray matter/water), meaning content that was original produced by Larry or Allen and sent in with legal reprint rights and relabeled. If you bought the rights to put your name on someone else’s article, please don’t submit it to our site.

Thankfully we have the hundreds of thousands of eyeballs that comb our site weekly to assist us to keep the litter box clean of bad author poop.

My cat Fluffy would approve.


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