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When a radio tower transmits a signal up into the ionosphere, the majority of the signal is deflected back down to Earth but not all of it. Some of the signals keep on going into outer space.

Just like a radio station manager can not retract a transmission, you should think of Article Marketing as one of those mediums that it becomes increasingly impossible to retract your works once put into general distribution.

We’ve been experimenting with a new system that will allow the distribution of your articles listed with us to other sites that update in real time along with our database. While this does not completely solve the above problem…perhaps there may be a market for us to develop a protocol or platform that allows you, the author, to retain some control to update, remove or update your article at one place and have it updated all over the Internet at the same time.

What do you think? Any value in this thought?

Value of a Link?

What is the real economic value of an outbound active link from

I’m talking about the active links that are in the resource boxes of every article.

Care to put a dollar figure on it and explain your logic for what you think the real value is?

Which factors do you use to delineate its value?

What economic value does the active link have by itself from our site vs. the distribution power potential of our site as a hub to spread your active URL like a virus? Can you separate the value or is the distribution potential of the active URL only a bonus?

Which factors do not impact its value at all?

If you have more than 1 active link, is the economic value doubled perfectly or not?

How much would you have to spend if you bought an identical link from someplace else?

I’m looking for an abstract discussion to bring about a concrete number as to the real ecomomic value of a link from our site.

OCD Authors

OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

OCD In Authors Can Be Brilliant!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been contemplating the profile of our ideal or perfect author.

You know what? Sometimes the authors who are obsessive compulsives have some real value to offer us and others. A polite word for them is to say that they are “prolific writers!” :-)

If you’re obsessive about authoring articles and compulsive enough to act in a big way (means writing hundreds, if not thousands of articles and submitting them), then I’d say you are far from having any kind of disorder. If anything, you’re BRILLIANT!

Turn your passion into action.

Article Marketing Lit Review

I’m starting to put together a comprehensive literature review of books published on the topic of Article Marketing. If you know of a resource that belongs in my Lit Review, please add your comment to this post.

These are listed in no particular order:
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When Authors HREF It

Permit me an article marketing rant :)

Why is it that whenever an experienced or inexperienced author learns how to do an HREF statement for the first time, they almost always over do it?

Meaning: Keep your active URL’s to 3 or less per article and always only in the RESOURCE BOX. That’s why it’s called a RESOURCE BOX…because it has RESOURCES in it. :) Namely, your URL.
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Pre-Writing Success

I’ve been doing this for some time and never realized it was actually a strategy to help spur your creativity to enter the zone of flow when writing.

Here’s what I do: A day, week or month before I write an article, I’ll create the TITLE for the article.

Ideas To Help You Enter The Writing Zone of Flow

My subconsious mind then mentally creates the entire article or at least the main points of the outline of the article so that when I finally sit down to do the article — it was already pre-written for me. I usually have very little awareness of its creation or the mental construction of the article in my mind.

Have you ever done this?

How else can you get into a state of flow when writing?

Separate Membership Systems

This is not a perfect world, but in the interest in clarifying a question that has been asked a few times: has 3 MEMBERSHIP SYSTEMS.

Membership system #1 is the Author membership system.
Allows you to send in and manage your articles.

Membership system #2 is the Forums registered member system.

Allows you to participate in the

Membership system #3 is the Registered Commentor system.
Allows you to post comments to any article at any time.

There may be a day when we are able to tie all 3 of these systems in together, but we felt it was more important for us to get the base functionality out the door than it was to wait until the perfect day arrived when we could offer them all together in one system.

Your AdWords on

If you’ve been wanting to advertise on, I’ve got good news for you.

As you may have seen, we are only currently accepting ads from Google’s AdSense program which means you’d have to buy AdWords from Google in order to get even a chance to appear on our site.

Google’s been stepping up to the plate and just announced a new program that will allow you to buy adwords that target or any specific site within Google’s network of sites that you want your AdWords to appear on.

They are in early tests with this new feature but my guess is that you’ll see it available in the coming months. More Details

Fun Parts Of My Job

Here is a list of the fun parts of my job here as the manager of the EzineArticles Marketing Project:

1) Scrolling through the new member profiles as they create accounts… and putting connections together or learning about new relationships.

2) Making small incremental improvements in the project that instantly impacts everyone.

3) Being pushed more than pulled. Sometimes I reached out to our authors and pulled them and other days I feel like we’re being pushed when we’re buried in more submissions than we have labor scheduled to approve them.

4) Receiving testimonials or private emails from authors who were able to cleary see the economic value that our site brought their business. Just happened again this morning and I was so proud for this author and every author who gets a return from this project.

5) Developing new tools that leverages the existing project. Anything that is innovative or new is fun…especially if it can increase the impact this project has for the benefit of all of the stakeholders.

6) Making new friends who have high volume, high traffic websites that can help promote this project.

7) Analyzing statistics to pull out and synthesize business trends that we should be paying attention to.

8) Teaching others how to do my job so I can graduate each month to more responsibilities and less physical work. I love thinking, planning, strategizing, and working with the team to execute like mad.

9) Investigating new technologies that can be re-arranged to expand the impact of this article marketing project.

10) Finding new ways to automate things that are boring to do. Each day that our team invests in more automation means a higher productivity return for us and a faster turn-around speed for our authors.

11) The satisfaction that comes from knowing our site can help an author get exposure that they could not get easily otherwise without our site.

12) Writing new articles on the topics of article marketing as a science. Anytime I get to write and produce an article or an email newsletter or create an email course or teleseminar, it’s a good time. :-)

Thanks for being part of my fun. Bring your passion to mine by creating a free membership account and sending in your best original articles and we’ll have a good time together.

What part of Article Marketing is the most fun for you?

RSS License Updated

To everyone using any of our 100+ RSS feeds, we’ve recently updated our feeds to include a creative common’s license:

License Type: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0

We’re currently evaluating the risks associated with allowing their use for commercial purposes. Right now, they are only allowed to be used for RSS feed aggregation for personal non-commercial use.

Curious: What is the downside to commercial use of an RSS feed? If you’ve got an opinion, I’d be interested in hearing it.

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