Shamrock Shake – PRE Tag

With St. Patrick’s day coming up Thursday, on my way back ironically from the gym, I picked up a Shamrock shake. Yummy!

Ok, today let’s look at a perfect example of the:

 HTML tag in use.

Check out this new article submitted today:
The Male Rating System

Notice the text tables in this article? Guess how this author made them format properly with our site? If you guessed the

 tag, you are correct!


 tag Definition and Usage according to this site:

"The pre element defines preformatted text. The text enclosed in the pre element usually preserves spaces and line breaks. The text renders in a fixed-pitch font."

Two tips if you're going to use this in any articles submitted to us:

1) Be sure to put the PRE tag on the first line of your text table and end it on the last line of your text table for best results. In other words, don't leave a vertical space between your pre tags and your text table.

2) Be certain you remove hidden space characters as the PRE tag will give them attention. A hidden control character or hidden space can be eliminated if you just suck up the text tight to the right bracket of the


Any questions?

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