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A few authors who received a new article acceptance email from us were wondering why we said their articles were in our RECENTLY SUBMITTED listing but when they went to see if they really were, they were not.

Here’s the solution to the mystery: That page only displays the most recent 100 articles that we approved into our site.

If you take a morning like today, in the last two hours, we have added 98 new articles so there are only 2 showing from Sunday (yesterday) in the listing.

In fact, most days the “Recently Submitted” view rolls over 2-4 times because we add about 200-450 new articles daily. For the month of March to date, we’ve approved 1277 new articles in the last 6.5 days and there are another 175 in queue to be approved plus another 300 that are gummed up in the PROBLEM STATUS queue waiting for resolution.

The home page is currently displaying the most recent 675 articles. I have no idea why we choose that number but I do know that we shoot to not be displaying any more than 2 days old of articles on the home page (meaning that I expect to be on target to add 350 new articles daily at a minimum).

Any questions?


Ralph Greenberg writes:

When you post to ezone articles I only see a short article
That is virtually all the postings????

Comment provided March 7, 2005 at 11:45 AM



Yes, and what is your question?

I know I only post a summary as this is on purpose. While it’s true that folks would rather read the whole article, there are two main reasons that I only post a summary and a link:

1) It’s a free newsletter and we don’t get paid a dime if it doesn’t drive any traffic to the website.

2) By only posting a summary, we have less potential words that could trip a spam filter.

Comment provided April 4, 2005 at 5:25 AM


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