Platinum Authors: 612

An update:

EzineArticles has 612 authors that have Platinum level status out of a total of 4,651 expert authors. That’s about 13.1%.

Biggest benefit these authors get over our Basic level members (who only get 10 submissions and are then capped) is that Platinum level authors can send in unlimited article submissions and we approve their articles at a faster rate that is about 2-4 times that of our Basic level authors.

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Fran Briggs writes:

Hi Chris. I’d like to add an additional benefit for “Platinum Level Status” writers. P.L.S. members receive a distinguished, “P.L.S.” profile link with each ezinearticle posted on Google, Yahoo and other major search engines.

P.S. The articles on are superb! I visit often! – FB

Comment provided April 4, 2005 at 12:47 AM


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