Gut Feel

Only 6 hours into having the new feature that allows us to SUSPEND AUTHOR MEMBERSHIP accounts while we investigate copyright theft issues and we’ve already had to suspend 3 authors.

We have zero tolerance for “exact match” copyright theft. This is when you don’t rip off an entire article but you rip off multiple exact sentences from others without their permission.

How do we know when it’s going on? We don’t always know but we begin to get a gut feeling about it and then do a quick search engine exact match query for a few sentences within the body of the article in question.

When it’s black and white, it’s and easy to decision to just blow away the author and his or her articles and if it does not look innocent, then we will ban them from becoming a member in the future.

When it’s not black and white, it’s then that we shut off an author from accessing their account. The author is notified. If they don’t respond within 24-48 hours, their account is blown away and they are banned from future submissions.

Please spread the word: There is NO integrity in ripping off other people’s works, even if it’s just a few sentences.

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