Article Fraud

There is no honor in putting your name on articles that someone else wrote completely for you.

But, there are different levels of article fraud.

I’m not talking about copyright infringement here, because that is illegal. I’m talking about authors who buy reprint rights to mass hordes of articles that can be prostituted for their own use.

How can we take you seriously when we are obviously reading someone else’s intelligence?

Your name will be “MUD” in less than a few seconds if you engage in buying reprint rights to articles that can be relabeled with your own name on them.

In the Internet, you get one chance to break the trust with your potential audience. If you submit articles to our site that came from Larry Dotson, Allen Says or anyone else selling reprint rights to articles…you may lose your Platinum status, your account and articles may be removed as we do not accept NON-original content.

BTW: Ghost writing is different because with ghostwriting, usually you have an EXCLUSIVE license to the content.

Buying reprint rights to articles that gives you a NON-EXCLUSIVE license to them is what makes this practice un-wanted in our site.

Why why why? Because we do not want duplicate content on our site and it’s an SEO no-no. If we can prevent duplicate content from being submitted, we’re going to do all we can to keep the “dupies” and “article reprint rights groupies” out of our website.

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