Ezine Pub Q?

This morning, I have a question for you if you’re an Ezine Publisher:

Which issue is a bigger concern for you:

a) Email Deliverability: Making sure or getting your email fully delivered to your email list members.


b) Email list building: Finding strategies to grow your list so that it grows faster than the churn or list attrition that occurs naturally.

Which of the two issues are more important to you? Please don’t tell me “BOTH” as I know they are both important issues… I’m just looking to understand which of the two carries more weight for your business?

Authors By Country

I was drilling into our members database to sort by country of origin and a few odd things came out of my research:

1) Only 1 Jamacian author who doesn’t send in articles loaded with affiliate links for VM Sat… must be some local Jamaican affiliate program.

2) Of the 14 authors from Pakistan, all but a few sent in articles that ended up in the Political category and all slamming the USA.

3) The only author from the country of Oman (near Saudi Arabia) sent in an article on economics.

4) Authors from Romania suffer from the same punctuation problems that authors from India have: An invalid space before the period and comma’s in their articles.

5) The only author from Poland sent in 1 article on Pay Per Click thoughts. There’s a Polak with clue. :) (I’m part Polish)

6) The only author from South Korea sent in articles about plastic and die moldings.

7) Looks like United Kingdom, Australia and Canada are the highest author article sources next to the USA.

As a goal, by the end of the year, I’d like to see at least one active author from every major country of Earth in our directory. If you know of someone from a country that is not very well known in the global marketplace…please encourage them to create an account and send in their best articles. :)

7,000 Goal

With only 3 days left in the month of March, we have a goal to end the month with 7,000 new articles added to the site.

We’re about 1099 behind that goal as of this post.

Thanks for sending in your best articles! We appreciate it.

Alternate Author

For our registered members:

Alternate Author Enhancement

We’ve separated out the ability to add alternate author names into a section of its own within your members only area.

In addition, we’ve included some more education as to what types of alternate author names we accept vs. reject.

This is mostly used by author’s agents or authors with a pen name. Last week we improved the article reports to sub total the views for each alternate author name. The jury is still out if we’ll allow generic BIO’s to be added for each alternate author when viewing the expert author links for the alternate author name. Most likely we’ll add that in the future, but will restrict this “gift” from us to Platinum authors or authors with more than 100 articles listed with us.

Platinum Authors: 612

An update:

EzineArticles has 612 authors that have Platinum level status out of a total of 4,651 expert authors. That’s about 13.1%.

Biggest benefit these authors get over our Basic level members (who only get 10 submissions and are then capped) is that Platinum level authors can send in unlimited article submissions and we approve their articles at a faster rate that is about 2-4 times that of our Basic level authors.

Small Planet Theory

Our planet Earth is so very tiny.

While we’re honored that so many folks like our site and project, we’d appreciate it if anyone who would become our competitor would do so without ripping off our logo, site design, layout and article categories…not to mention respecting our 25 article reprint limit as set forth in the Publisher TOS.

Have some originality, create your own unique design, and respect our copyrights please. :) The less we have to spend on legal fees, the more we can devote to serving everyone who benefits from our site legally.

Terri Schiavo’s Eyes

This being a business blog, I didn’t want to introduce too much on politics, but this new timely article just got posted:
Looking through Terri Schiavo’s Eyes by RobinRenee Bridges

Others in the medical field argue that it’s not humane to withold water and food from Terri but I just can’t come to grips with that.

Terri, forgive us all..as we know not what we do.

My position is that this is a private family matter and that we and the media have no right to interfere with their struggle…a struggle that has now become a high national interest story.

What are your thoughts? Which side is right?

Article Reports

We just increased the detail that article reports now include for registered authors who are managing more than one author name within their account.

In addition, our programming crew found a way to shave 2 more seconds off the delivery of the reports per request.

If you are one of our registered members, I’d be open to your feedback as to what kind of additional reports or changes you’d like to see in your article reports?

20,000 Articles or Bust

We’re climbing up on a new milestone that will be hit before the day is over.

Thanks to the 4,400 unique and expert authors who have submitted their articles to us!

No Spawning

I admit it. I’m a serial entrepreneur. I love building businesses and then handing them off to a seasoned management team so that I can do what I do best.

This week I’m making a shift in my thinking to halt spawning the success that we’ve had with EzineArticles into other projects so that this project can have an even higher level of concentration/focus.

If you’ve got any ideas as to how we could grow this project exponentially without dramatically expanding our labor expenses… I’m open to hear suggestions and your ideas. :-)

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