Works For Hire

Author Legal Begal Discussion:

Lately, there have been many ghost writers that sell their works for hire under a verbal agreement only. We then get a complaint here or there that alledges fraud by one author over the other.

This is a very dumb practice to not put your “works for hire” policies and legal understanding in writing. Only takes about an hour to search the net to find or buy a works for hire template and customize it.

If you are a ghost writer and you have a dispute with an author and you didn’t have a works for hire agreement in writing….

…you are not in a good position to make your fraud case against whoever might have leveraged or used their understanding of the reprint rights for the “work for hire” project you performed for them.

Vice Versa: If you are the one BUYING the works from a ghost writer for hire, NEVER NEVER NEVER buy anything from a ghost writer without at least a simple written contract or understanding that is signed (in real life or at least digitally with a time/date stamp).

Something to consider…

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