Sweep Sweep

In our secret article marketing labs where we build our supercharged content management system that is built on alien technology acquired from SG1… we’re about ready to quietly introduce:

The current system is beta named the “Article Sweeper System” (but will probably get a new name in the future of even less relevance for more internal fun) that is going to quietly troll the entire database on a ongoing basis to identify, suspend and report articles that have dead links in them.

We’re going to make a distinction between hard and software failures to give liberal chances for sites to have ‘bad days’…but over a period of time, if you can’t keep your web server up over a period of days, we’re going to call your site dead.

We’re still developing our rule set yet for what we will do once we identify broken/dead URLs/links.

If the URL is broken in the BODY of the article, we could just auto-unlink the URL and move on.

If however the URL in the RESOURCE BOX is dead, we must take more action before unlinking it or making the “remove from database” decision.

If you’re an author with articles in our site, consider keeping an eye on the URLs that you used in your articles so you don’t all of a sudden find some of your articles missing from our site in the coming months.

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