Sorry, No Aff Here

Dear Author Universe,

We here at love your articles and appreciate every single one that you take the time to produce, edit, and send in.

With that said, it’s important to point out that we do not accept articles with any affiliate links…so please don’t send them in.

It’s our belief that you get a high enough ROI from your efforts to submit your article to us to not warrant needing the affiliate revenue to justify the article submission.

We know other directories allow you to do it.

It’s just not going to happen here.


Because our site would turn into a cesspool of crappy duplicative articles…and because we only accept original content, this rule of ours is the only way to keep non-original articles from being submitted over and over and over again.

Blame Larry Dotson if you’d like. I am sure he’s a swell guy and I have appreciated the articles that he sent in to our sites over the years…but if I see another author who bought Larry’s rebrandable article pack try to pawn off his articles as their own, I’m going to puke. ;-) The only articles I want to see from Larry are the ones written by Larry, but anyone who puts their name on Larry’s works (even if they have a right to do it), are not the type of articles we’re seeking for the project.

Your thoughts?

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