Re-Review Process

Many folks had asked me how our “re-review” process works. Here’s the inside scoop:

A large fraction of the authors on our site have membership accounts. With these membership accounts, they are able to add, remove or edit their existing articles along with being able to view traffic reports.

Every day, between 65-90 authors edit and modify their articles. For most, it’s a simple spelling, grammar or punctuation fix. For others, they try to slip in an additional URL to see if we’ll catch it or not (if they have 3 URLs or less, we’re ok with it).

Once they log in to their members only area, they click on LIVE ARTICLES and then select the radio button of the article they want to edit.

Once they are done editing the article, they click on SUBMIT MODIFIED ARTICLE.

1) That generates an email to them letting them know that we’ve received their modified article. The article also moves from LIVE ARTICLES to PENDING ARTICLES.

2) The article is REMOVED from the public directory while it is waiting in the “RE-REVIEW” queue for one of our human editors to review it.

3) We then review the modified article. If it still complies with our posted editorial guidelines, we press one button to re-ACTIVATE the article.

4) Upon the re-activation of the article, an email is sent to the author notifying them of the re-activation and the article is added back to the directory where it last left.

5) If the article is being modified for the first time and it was submitted between August 5th and November 15th, 2004: We check one box and an email alert is generated to notify our email alert members of this article.

6) The original submission date remains the same as it was even though we note on the article database a hidden field that tracks when we modified it.

7) If the author violated one of our editorial guidelines when they send in their modified article (happens about 3 times a week), we put the article into PROBLEM STATUS purgatory where it sits until it’s corrected by the author.

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