Delegation Dreams has now scaled beyond my capactity to be involved in every aspect of this site with the same level of detail that I’ve given to this project to date.

In the past week, I’ve reviewed over 1500 new articles and I’m at break point personally as my other larger goals are not getting attention because of the huge load that we’ve been blessed with.

I just realized that I’m now squarely in the way of our own growth by being too involved in daily operations. Over the coming month, expect to see me get more involved in setting the quality control standards that our site must maintain and delegating much of the daily flow associated with this project to our growing team.

My acid test is my right wrist.

Whenever my right wrist starts to tell me that it’s over-used and pending problems are only a few months away from repetitive-use injury from trying to accomplish too many things for too many hours in a row for too long of a period of time… it’s then that I know it’s time for me to delegate and step out of the way to allow our team to take on more of this project so I can focus on sales, marketing, publicity and strategy to ensure the sites growth & stability (not to mention improved growth opportunities for our small executive team).

Ultimately, I know myself well enough to know that I don’t enjoy daily operations as much as I enjoy thinking our way to growth from a vision or leadership perspective. I much rather wear the Sales & Marketing hat.

I’m open to suggestions as to how we can ensure the quality of our site can remain at or higher than the current level in terms of making sure low substance or sales pitch articles are banned or kept out… without someone with my level of experience having to read and manage thousands of articles per week.

Perhaps we could add a “REPORT THIS ARTICLE AS BAD” thing to every article in the rating/voting section so that the 18K unique visitors that come to our site daily could be assist with self-policing the quality level.

It’s hard to teach a decade + of Internet knowledge to new Associate Editors who have a hard time catching up to speed to determine which articles are scamming us with affiliate links or scam advice vs. which ones are offering legitimate and quality strategies.

Open to your thoughts…

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John Giagkiozis writes:

Hello Christopher,

About your idea on “ADD THIS ARTICLE AS BAD” i am really negative because people don’t vote that frequently and you don’t have a real feedback. Also this can lead to hacking opportunities such as noting all the articles as “REPORT THIS ARTICLE AS BAD” which will bring you to the same situation as you are now.

I strongly recommend that you hire someone to do the job, and believe me when i say i know how difficult it is for you to trust someone. I too believe i do best the things i do and cannot give the task in hand to someone else. But here is the thing YOU are only HUMAN.

So do what makes you feel good and give the other tasks to someone else. Its business 101.

Train them if you have to.

Comment provided February 6, 2005 at 7:58 PM


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