Cute Titles Hurt

So I’m reviewing several thousands articles this weekend and it amazes me how many quality articles WILL NEVER receive a tiny fraction of the potential traffic that they could receive if the author would just put some intelligence in the ‘keyword smarts’ of the title.

Today’s article TITLE Lesson:

Keep quotes wrapped around the outside of your TITLE OUT of your TITLE. It’s just a dumb practice that has zero pay off.

Frankly, I just don’t get it. Why would an author try to “cutesy” up their article TITLE by putting quotes around the entire TITLE?

Why add the WORTHLESS baggage of nonsense characters that the search engines then have to deal with… and if a search engine bot is not smart enough to deal with the nonsense quotes wrapped around the title, you just may find your article is ranked lower in the search engines than if you just kept them out of your title all together.

For clarity, I’m not circling any one particular author out as there are at least a few dozen per day that send in articles with quotes wrapped around the entire TITLE.

It’s not in our or the authors best interest to allow this nonsense! ;-) Let’s call it an article traffic killer mistake to avoid.

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