Back from St Lucia, Martin, Thomas

I was gone for the past 7 business days on a 3 island Caribbean trip that included a visit to St Thomas, St Martin and St Lucia. For me, there is nothing that recharges my batteries better than a white sandy beach with waves crashing, plenty of warm sunshine to go around and good friends to share it with.

It’s also good to be back in freezing Wisconsin with snow on the ground and good old high speed broadband Internet access. Might even be able to take a snowmobile trip within the next two weeks.

The EzineArticles team did a great job of keeping the article marketing ship a float while I was offline. They endured multiple hardware failures on our web and list server, but here are some interesting statistics on what’s been accomplished:

* 1,213 new articles got added in the past 7 business days

* 284 new membership accounts were created

* 455 articles got modified and re-reviewed

* 1312 email alerts were sent out

* 22 alternate author names were added

* 347 folks got an articled forwarded to their friends

* 16 articles were removed by our members

* 106 emails came in for author tech support

* 3 new testimonials were sent in

* 244 blog comment spams were left for me to sift through

* We’ve been peaking at 22k unique visitors per day now.

I’ll be catching up through the weekend and appreciate your patience as we build new systems to keep this project operating efficiently.

The one thing I realized when I was away was the need for us to implement an email ticket tracking system (we’ve done it before) to help manage the quality control and escalation procedures to ensure timely responses…

We will also be adding a new Managing Editor very soon as I’m working hard to earn my way out of that job (as much fun as it is)…so that I can focus on topline revenue, building core client relationships, and growing the business rather than working inside the business. I’ve always known that my talents are better served if I get out of the way for a strong management team to take care of daily operations so I can do more of my Sales & Marketing entrepreneurial vision thing. :-)

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