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How much customer service do you expect from a free article submission site?

We’ve begun to draw the line at editing articles for authors who want us to fix things with their articles because our labor expense is climbing into the near 5 figures per month range and we give each author the tools to edit their own articles 24 hours a day.

I peaked my nose out to some of our competitor sites the other day and it was near impossible to get them to return an email much less a few of them had no way to contact them.

The model requires a large amount of assistance from our authors in order to make this project work.

We are focused on being highly operationally excellent (vs. “customer intimacy-based” if you’ve read the *Discipline of Market Leaders* book).

Google is Operationally Excellent.

We aspire to be operationally excellent and efficient… to provide a lot of self-service tools and automation to make the process easier for all concerned…

But, this all comes at a price: Lack of highly personalized one-on-one assistance. It’s just not going to happen with this model.

Your thoughts?


Kristin Johnson writes:

Editing is part of writing. It’s an absolute pain but it’s part of the beast. I realize a lot of us are juggling multiple deadlines. But there’s tradeoffs involved in everything. I personally don’t mind running SpellCheck or having someone else look over my content. What do you think creative writing/English majors are for? AND they appreciate a few extra bucks :)

Comment provided February 1, 2005 at 6:48 PM


Yvonne Finn writes:

Writing, whether fact or fiction, is ultimately a personal thing.
It is actually the personality made visible.

Writing is double exposure, the writer exposes(by writing about a subject or issue) and is in turn exposed (by showing his/her feelings, biases, etc.)

Humans fear making mistakes, that is why we seek consensus, asking for help and input, when none is necessary.

However, writing for the most part is “sole pursuit”.

I for one am grateful for your generous free self-service and tools which makes my submissions, not perfect but correct.

Thank you!

Comment provided February 2, 2005 at 6:57 AM


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