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With only one day left before this short month of February brings to a close, we’re excited that this looks like it’ll be our first month of crossing the half million visits per month traffic milestone.

As of today, we’ve had 498,104 visits by 358,237 unique visitors that produced a gross of 3,889,705 page views this month of which 1,439,234 we believe are real.

The difference in reported page views to real page views is mostly from new search engines like (www.become.com) that crawl our site and create artificial bumps in page views until we can identify them and move them into the “search bot” section of our web stats.

The goal for the year was to hit 1 million unique visitors per month by the end of 2005. Looks like we’re on track to meet this goal before Summer.

If this were the Oscars, we’d be thanking our partner sites that drive traffic to the many niche sub categories of this project and the thousands of expert authors who send in their fresh quality articles daily. I’d also like to thank my Mom and Dad for having me. Hi Mom. Is this thing on? test test. ;-)

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R.G. Srinivasan writes:

I am not at all surprised at your touching the half million mark. As an author in your site, I feel I belong to a premium group and not just any portal which publishes articles.

Your well designed and meticulously organised format and quality of content is impressive to say the least. On queries the response is so prompt it leaves me breathless.

I have no doubts and my best wishes as well for your next milestone – One million!


Comment provided March 1, 2005 at 1:19 AM


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