If you’ve noticed that EzineArticles.com has periods where she slows down to a crawl, it’s not just you that has noticed.

Not sure if the average person knows this, but we’re fully database driven and that means that 99% of our site is dynamically created upon every single one of the 50-70K+ page views our site serves up each day.

Our database engine has been queried 27,893,534 times in the last 7 days alone. It’s insane… and a good problem to have.

December 10th we turned up a new dedicated server for this site and it appears we have misjudged how long it would last before we would have to develop a new solution to help the site scale.

Know that this is on our mind and will be solved in the coming weeks as we’ll invest in additional resources to reach our goal of 1 second or less for every page served up on any day.

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