$0.27 USD Per Article

I’m not sure if we should be sharing this, but our current costs are about $0.27 USD per article when our associate editor reviews and approves or rejects each article submission.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to target clipping that down to $0.17 USD per article.

These figures do not include quality control which takes about 4-30 seconds per article and is done by a 2nd editor. Right now, that other person is me, but we have budgeted for a full time Managing Editor and will begin reviewing candidates soon :-).

These figures also don’t take into consideration the cost to acquire articles (author promotion), but I was just keying on the true editorial costs to approve each article submission.

I think one strategy we’re going to test is adding even more automation on the submission process so that our editorial review process can be further automated.

If you have any suggestions about how we can lower our editorial approval costs while maintaining our quality standards, we are very open to suggestions.

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Garrett French writes:

So you’ve spent $3452.22 so far for over 12,000 pages of content? Not bad I’d say.

I think to seriously have this discussion you’d have to lay out the approval process for us, which I’m sure you’ve done somewhere…

So my question for you is: how long does the approval process take now and what are the steps of that process?

My second question is what part of the approval process takes the longest?

And finally, what automation do you currently have in place?

One thought — find a way to isolate special cases and knock all those out at one time. I know you have a problem with articles written by non english speakers.

Have one person whose job it is to soley handle those, or just let them pile up and get to them all at once so that you can isolate your skill set and really get a rhythm going.

So put a button on your submission form “non-native english? click here.”

Figure out where the bottle necks are and get specialty people/automation in there.

Oh, and you could always hire some interns. That’s how I started out over at iEntry… :)

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