Priest or Not?

As you may know, we allow only DOCTORATE level titles next to an author’s name.

Here is a question: Should we allow priest, pastor, rabbi, minister, shaman or any other spiritual level title?

The upside is that legitimate authors who are ordained can have their legal title respected.

The downside is that it’s a slipperly slope and there are many levels of legitimate religious people vs. those who buy a religious title via mailorder.

My gut decision is no, but I’m second guessing myself so I thought I’d put it out there and ask for your help.

Should we allow them or not? Any suggestions?

Re-Review Process

Many folks had asked me how our “re-review” process works. Here’s the inside scoop:

A large fraction of the authors on our site have membership accounts. With these membership accounts, they are able to add, remove or edit their existing articles along with being able to view traffic reports.

Every day, between 65-90 authors edit and modify their articles. For most, it’s a simple spelling, grammar or punctuation fix. For others, they try to slip in an additional URL to see if we’ll catch it or not (if they have 3 URLs or less, we’re ok with it).
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498,104 Visits

With only one day left before this short month of February brings to a close, we’re excited that this looks like it’ll be our first month of crossing the half million visits per month traffic milestone.

As of today, we’ve had 498,104 visits by 358,237 unique visitors that produced a gross of 3,889,705 page views this month of which 1,439,234 we believe are real.

The difference in reported page views to real page views is mostly from new search engines like ( that crawl our site and create artificial bumps in page views until we can identify them and move them into the “search bot” section of our web stats.
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It Happened

In the back of my mind, I was wondering how long it would take before we ran into two authors with identical same names and neither would want to use middle initial or alternate same-name spelling to differentiate themselves from each other.

Well, that day came today as we have 3,394 unique authors registered.

The tough challenge in how to solve this issue is that one of the two authors with identical names is a pen name. It feels right that the person with the legal name should take priority, but the other person is already well-placed in our site and the search engines.

How should we handle this dilemma?

Featured Authors

If you’ve been published on our site, you know the secret URL where you can pick up those “Featured on” buttons.

Today, I have a tip for you: Instead of linking to from your link, I recommend linking up the button to your expert author view.

Here is an example:

Make sense?

Article Quantity?

How many articles do you need to have in order to reach some realizable order of success that can be measured numerically?

I’ve seen authors with 100 articles get only 2000 combined page views over a 5 month period and I’ve seen authors with only 2 or 3 articles get 12,000 combined page views.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know the tune: KEYWORD RICH TITLES make the difference!

That said, I think a good target for an article marketing newbie is to produce a pack of 30-50 articles to start out with THIS QUARTER yet and get them into distribution.

If you’re an expert that has been around the block a few times, producing 100-150 articles within a few months or repurposing existing articles you’ve already written is a great way to kick your results in high gear!

Your article marketing success is related to:

The quantity of articles you produce X the quality of your keyword rich titles X the distribution you achieve of getting your article picked up and reprinted by others.

Article Coffin Nails

Want to be sure your article will have a short lived shelf life?

Put the date or year in your TITLE and your article will find itself in the ‘worthless’ column very quickly.

Article Marketing as a medium is much better for “timeless information” that is not outdated in a few months.


Paris Hilton Cell Phone

Some ploys are soooo cheap, they make you want to hide in disgrace.

Check out the cheapshot title that John used for this recent article:
Paris Hilton’s Reputation is SHOT! How’s Yours?

That article not only got 4,760 page views in the last month (most new articles only get about 70 page views in their first month, if that), but his article also made it into our top February stats list of articles that had a lot of search engine delivered traffic list (number 8 for the term “paris hilton chell phone).
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Article Series

An Article Development Rant:

I am not a big fan of article series where an author with have Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, etc…

Article Marketing does not lend itself to help you increase your credibility when a reader or a publisher has to work hard to try and find the other “parts” to your incomplete article.

A better solution is to NOT create any articles that are dependant on other articles in order to be a complete story or idea development.

Make sense?

Robert G. Allen

You may know Robert G. Allen’s name as he is the popular author of the best selling book: “Multiple Streams of Internet Income”

I wanted to thank Robert for including on page 226 in the chapter on selling information!

Finding this out today made our day.


Here is a link to Robert’s cool website:

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