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Thought I’d let you know what our team is up to this weekend:

We have 680 authors who sent us articles from August 5th thru October 20th (the day we went to a membership system).

Many of these 680 authors deserve our “Platinum” level membership but we can’t grant it to them because they don’t have a membership account yet.

So, we started a membership drive to convert these 680 authors into being “members.” Here were the initial results of Friday’s email campaign:

680 members mailed.

46 have shut down their email address or hard bounced.

Of the 634 that actually got the email, only 394 opened up the email (I did an HTML email that looked like a text email so I could track open rate).

Of the 394 that opened the email, only 63 clicked to create an account.

Of the 63 that clicked to create an account, only 22 so far have become members.

Conversion rate is 3.2%. Not good and not bad. Of course, we’re only in day 2 of the email campaign. A second series of emails will be sent out in the middle of February and as a last resort, we may post card market to them to sell them on the benefits of our free membership.

Reminds me of the importance of selling folks on free memberships takes the same effort as paid memberships. :-)

If you know or are friends with any author in our directory that is not Platinum yet or has an article published but is not a member, please send them an encouragement email for us. Thanks!

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Kristin writes:

Darn spammers! They make it so difficult for us!

Comment provided January 30, 2005 at 8:28 PM


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