Ken Envoy’s Site Sell

A half dozen new members came from the SiteSell forums, so I wanted to recognize them here.

About 2-4% of all new articles that are submitted to our directory are from websites that have the very easily recognizable look and feel of a Ken Envoy “SiteSell” look.

What is that look?

Top header with a left navigation only and 800 width (never full width). Often the left navigation is rectangular menu items that have a java hover feel to them.

I had promoted Ken’s affiliate program way back in the late 1990s and just got too busy to focus on it but today he sent me a nice SiteSell keychain and a personal note along with a commission check.

One smart thing that Ken has done is he evolved his business from small price points to larger price point products. Way to go! :-) Reminded me of this new article today.

So, if you’re gonna buy a SiteSell website for your new business, here is a shameless plug to use this aff link:

His Site Builder is perfect for a newbie that does not want to know HTML code in order to produce a quick and clean website. Perfect for those that use Adsense for the revenue model.

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